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Sign the Petition to Keep Trumansburg Flourishing!

Support Housing in our Village Petition 

The conversation around the Hamilton Square proposal has become increasingly divisive. We have seen misleading literature spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt; a group of Ulysses Historical Society board members using the Society’s name to promote their personal views; and a small contingent of residents exploring ways to sue the Village. As members of the Trumansburg community, we hope to add new and diverse perspectives to the conversation.

To The Village And Planning Boards of Trumansburg, NY

We, the undersigned members of the Trumansburg community, believe in the future of our village.

We believe in a future where our schools have turned around 15 years of declining student enrollment. We believe in a future where our Main Street businesses are bustling with new customers. We believe in a future where our school teachers and Main Street employees can find affordable housing in our village rather than commuting from outside the county.

To realize this future, we recognize that more homes and more apartments will be built. We recognize that we will have new residents and more cars in our village. And we recognize that previously open land will need to be developed.

We also recognize that development is complex. That’s why we rely on you, our elected and appointed representatives, to ensure that all development gets the proper and necessary review. We know that, as our friends and neighbors, you will ensure development in our community is done responsibly.

To build towards this future, we the undersigned, support new market rate and affordable housing in Trumansburg. We know that the Hamilton Square project will move forward only if it is found to comply with our zoning and planning ordinances and, if it does, we look forward to welcoming new families, students, customers, employees, and neighbors into our community.

This petition has been created by the Affordable Housing Advocates of Ulysses and Trumansburg